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January 4th, 2013
what happens after death – Is there life after Death proof

“Is there  life after death?” -a question which arises in the mind of every human being present in this world. Every existing religion agrees with life after death. People from every part of the world claim that they saw and felt presence of super-natural entities around them. We can say some of these stories are fake and some might be people imagining things. But can all stories not be real.Even if a single story is true then that means there is a life after death. Sometimes I feel the concept of life after death were made up by humans themselves to keep a hope alive to meet there loved ones again some day. Or it could be a con played by priest and black magician to fill their pockets.

Is there life after Death

Many TV programs show stories which revolves around families or individual who have faced some kind of power which neither came from a living nor from a non-living source. But what they tell is quite un-realistic and un-believable, like, people flying around or bed shaking up like a leaf in a typhoon. This is quite hard to believe. They show haunted houses that are now habitat for all sorts of ghosts and spirits. If all this is correct why there is no proof of that. Why there isn’t a single video that shows these kinds of paranormal activities.

According to Hinduism, in a life time, if a person performs good deeds he goes to heaven and if he/she do bad things then hell. This is same for all the other religions. So how these concepts are same for all. These holy books have been written thousands of years back. At that time people didn’t have a phone and e-mails to communicate. So, how can all of these books say exactly the same thing. The concept of judgment day is also mentioned in Geeta, Kuran and Bible. This is something which can twist a persons mind. But as we can neither access heaven nor we can go to hell the only way to prove any traces to life after death is our surrounding. If u can prove the presence of ghost or spirits then only we can prove that there is a life after death.

There is no evidence of any paranormal activity that happened anywhere in the world. In the name of evidence there are some morphed or intangible pictures projecting a disturbed image. If it was so true then why don’t we even have a single genuine picture of a ghost or a spirit. Most of the claims made by witnesses say that it was the time of night when they saw a ghost. Why it is always night? Is it that spirits don’t like to roam around in the day? That makes it even harder to believe it.

Hindu believe that once a spirit of a human leaves the body (Death) , he/she has to take birth as every living form present in this world before reincarnating as a human again. But, like everything written and said about this topic it too has to nothing to prove its authenticity.

Few days back I saw an interview of a scion(Yash Birla) who lost both of his parents his parents in a plane crash. He told a story about how with help of an old lady with some special gifts he contact the spirit of his mother and even communicate with her. I don’t with his family name and a huge pile of money he has any reason to bluff. So, if he really contacted his mother then that means there is an after life.

My Personal Experience- Life after death

I have had a few experiences that can be called weird if not supernatural. One of them was really very real and frightening. One night I was lying on my bed trying to sleep. As I fell a little deeper into my sleep I heard a deep voice saying, “wake up”. I really felt a hot thin breeze of air that you feel when someone speaks in your ears.

Being in a semi-conscious state I didn’t really reacted to it. I kept my eyes open for a few seconds before closing it again. As soon as my upper and lower eye lids touched each other another call for wake up struck my ear drums. In a jiffy I get up on my feet. I stood on the bed as I rolled my eyes all over the room. I had this feeling that it was my brother who was playing a prank on me. I slowly calmed myself. I lay on my bed with my eyes darting at the ceiling for at least 5 minutes. After that, my eye lids began to become heavy. So, I closed my eyes again to hear to that deep voice saying the same thing (wake up).

That was the scariest moment of my life. I jumped out off the bed, opened the door and sprinted towards the drawing room area where my brother was studying.

I told him everything and asked him to study in my room. We together moved to the bedroom. I turned On the lights before entering my brother followed me. I got back to my bed as he stood near the door. He left his books in the drawing room. So he moved to get them but before going out of the room he close the lights and simultaneously I closed my eyes just hear another call(wake up) with hot breeze in my hear. I know this is hard to believe but it really happened. I heard that voice 4 times that night.

I belong to a family of educated people, so, I have been nourished to not believe in all these things. So, even my heart says those voices were real and not my imagination, my trained mind contradicts it. I believe most of you have been through this at least once in your life where heart and brain walk in different direction. I think almost all the people that I know have experienced something at least once but they are too modern and advanced to admit it.

Your opinion – Is there Life after death

Those of you have experienced any of these powers would understand me and those of you haven’t would think I making this all up. I guess this is something which a person will only believe if you see or feel it. I still can’t believe what happened that night but it is certainly un-explainable. If you also dealt with some thing which can’t be explained then please do share.

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19 thoughts on “what happens after death – Is there life after Death proof

  1. Hi Shorya

    I have had a number of experiences. I will share one with you.

    I live in a house that was built in 1949, we moved into the house in 1971. My daughter was always freaked out about going into the garage. She also talked to a lady who lived in the house as a child for a few years back in about 1960. This lady also had the same experience and slept in the same room as my daughter. They shared how they both felt a cold chill in the room from time to time.

    The cats in my house would hear noises in the hallway and we would all look to that direction, just me and the cats in the house, so no reason for the noise. One day I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes and felt this hand on my shoulder, I didn’t move or look in the mirror above the sink, I just froze. I knew this was not in the physical and I had the feeling it was of a 14 year old boy.

    I told my neighbor about the presence and that a few other things that were going on, such as a missing screwdriver from the garage and a missing nail punch that showed up a year later exactly where it was supposed to be, which was in the tool box. We had cleaned out the toolbox and the garage and had not found it, six months prior. Neighbor told me to stand in the room and say “it is okay you can go now”. When I was alone I did stand in the living room and say those words a couple of times. After that there was no unusual noises in the hall, did not feel like there was someone else in the house. This took place about 1985 maybe, not sure exactly.
    In 2006 a neighbor that had lived in the neighborhood since about 1954, told my husband that around about that time in the house we live in that there was a murder. A father had stabbed his 14 year old son to death in the garage with a screwdriver. Pretty amazing. Also, that would explain why my husband never felt the presence of the ghost.

    As for life after death, I look at it this way. When I learned the word infinity and what it really meant, it doesn’t make any sense to be here and striving for what our end results will be, which is death. I don’t think we can ever imagine what is in store for us. I do believe we need to make a difference here on earth in this universe as who knows what adventure we will have later.

    The possibilities are definitely open for thought. I would just hate to have to go through the same nonsense a second time around because I didn’t get it right this time!


    • Hi Mary,

      I got really scared reading your story.The incident which you have shared is unbelievable.But i can understand how the things goes when you don’t know what exactly is happening with as it happened with me.I was also not able to collect what has happened to me as it was so suddenly.

      Something cant be explained and are more than imagination.I have experienced, you have experienced so we understand there is really something and theory of life after death is not fake,Something or can some some supernatural powers are there.

      Thank you Mary for sharing your experience..

      Shorya Bist

  2. HI Shorya

    You have sparked a great debate.

    I am firm believer of that. I want to share my personal experience. We are on our way to our holy pilgrimage in Vaishno Devi and 20 yrs back there use to be no side barricades, there use to be no lights as well. In the night I was with my parents and we were around 2 Km from the place, when my father said that let’s have some rest and we sat on the rock acting as bench, it was dark everywhere.

    My Father just went back thinking to rest on some other big rock on the sideways which use to act like benches, as he was to place a foot forward we heard a voice which Yelled “step back”, As my father heard that he became extra cautious but tried to find out exactly what it was, he went ahead and saw that stone was lying in such a way that if Father would have sit on that, he could have fallen thousands feet below.

    We tried to find that who saved my father in that area, few passerby’s told us that few months back a lady has fallen there at the same spot and in the same way.We were stranded there for few minutes and everyone who passed by told my father that he was the most lucky person.

    Till date I believe that there was something on that day who saved my Father’s life and this someone could be…

    Thanks for this wonderful post.


    • Hi Sapna ji,

      Thank god you all came out safe of that incident.Sometime supernatural powers want to say something which dont understand at that time.Same thing happend to me as i heard “Wake up” 4 times a nite still is a suspense for me, What exactly was that?.But i didnt even try to know what was that…Huh

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  3. Hi Shorya,

    Very interesting post. Ah the big question! I have heard some many different and opposite beliefs on the subject, but my guess is that even though I’ve not died yet, I firmly believe that this is not all.

    There are also people who have been “clinically dead” for a few minutes who testify that their body was dead, but not their spirit.

    A long time ago my mother told me the story of a family that my grand mother knew who had lost a daughter in death and few years later had another daughter.

    Amazingly one day the little girl asked for a specific toy that had belonged to her dead sister, which she wasn’t supposed to know about, and which she had never seen since it was in the attic where she had never been either.

    My mother explained to me that the parents really freaked out and didn’t know what to make of this.

    So, yes, there is more than meet the eye out there!

    • Hi Sylviane,

      Thanx for sharing your experience on the topic. Clinically dead declared bot spirit not dead this thing i have also heard.
      I also believe that this is just the body, there is much more than that we just don’t know.
      I created this category “Shake me up” for putting only those things which twist our mind.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist
      From Youthofest

  4. Hi Shorya,

    Did that happen again for you? I think, it might have scare you for few days. I’m yet very afraid of such incidents though I haven’t experienced :)

    Yeah I believe in life after death and next life has an impact of what we do in this life too. Further I believe heaven and hell is within this World mate. I’m really sorry about the raped victim and it breaks my heart again when I see the word HELL.

    You are very true that someone with no experience might never believe that. I haven’t had any experience related to me, but I’ve heard of ’em from some people I know. Once I’ve witnessed how a possessed (I don’t know is it the right word) girl being cured and that makes sense to me. However no bed shaking or things, but it’s she and herself unconcious.

    Thanks for sharin’ your story and I hope nothing of a sort will happen to you again mate :)

    Have a GREAT day :)


    • Hi Mayura,

      Thanks For sharing your words.
      No it didn’t happened to me again but after that every nite i was scared that it will happen again,but it didn’t.I can totally understand this that person who never experienced it can never believe that this can happen.As i was a non believer of all these things till that incident but now i believe and really never want this again.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  5. Thanks for a very interesting post, Shorya, and a vivid description of your own experience, which sounds to have been very scary.

    I respect people who have beliefs about an afterlife, but I’m afraid I’m with Richard Dawkins on this question. I don’t believe in life after death, but I do think that life itself is an enormous mystery that we don’t fully comprehend. The natural world is weird and wonderful enough for me. When things happen that we don’t understand, my take on it is that this is just something the scientists haven’t figured out how to explain yet – and I don’t think that makes it any less amazing. Life is incredible!

    I guess I’m more concerned about living this life to the full – I don’t feel I’m missing out by not believing in an afterlife – it makes this brief life seem all the more precious and makes me determined to make the most of every minute of it.


    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for coming sue.I can understand your thoughts very clearly and respect them, asi also feel that there is lot more than afterlife that is living this life. I agree with you that this life is weired yet amazing.But as i said earlier these are some thing which 1 can never explaind other will never understand until it happens with him/her.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  6. I had a similiar experiences, I don’t know what to make of it, but I was in the same state you were in. I was deppressed and trying to sleep all day long just forcing my self to sleep until I couldn’t anymore. I felt weird and I just stayed in my bed with my eyes closed ignoring all my responsibilities.

    I know for a fact that I was aware of my surroundings when I heard someone clearly call my name like if it was someone standing infront of me while I was in bed. I live alone so I went to check if my place was empty and it was… I wasn’t scared at all and I thought the voice was friendly and as if it was trying to comfort me somehow. I know it sounds weird but I’m sure of what I heard. I remember hearing someone calling my name too when I was 13 years of age too. (22 now). after the recent incident it happened again one more time.

    And that’s it.. I don’t know what it is, my subconscious wishes that it is a spirit because the thought of life ending at death would kill me.

  7. Hey Shorya,

    My take might be a bit off the wall to some of your readers or even you but I’m gonna take it a shot.
    The way I see it.
    We are not only ONE but the same thing. That is consciousness, the “thing” that created the Universe, makes your blood flow, makes flowers open their petals when the sun shines or hold atoms and particles together. Even scientist don’t know what it is all we know that it is in EVERY THING and consciousness is our true nature.
    Life and death is only an illusion and we are the imagination of ourselves. Nothing is separate.
    Consciousness changing forms, flower, animal, human or seemingly dead objects like a chair.

    So to some up …:) reincarnation is a constant flow of life.

    Very thought provoking discussion!


  8. Surely there is life after death, but some people just don’t believe.
    We have ordained death among you, and We are not to be overcome, so that We may change your state and make you grow into what you know not.” (The Holy Quran 56:60-61)

  9. Hello,

    To me I absolutely believe there is life after death. From thousand years ago to the present there are many religions have taught and/or written about beliefs. Today we’re living in the modern world and among of us have different beliefs this mean we’re unique in finding the road to happiness rather than oppose each other.

    As much as I understand the relationship between God and human is so loveable. With love, God has created the whole universe and if human beings won’t exist to praise and experience the love of God then the universe is meaningless. Both are unique in a way of giving each other brings the beauty to life.

    Look at any trees, you see there are many branches and each branch grows in different shapes and colors, in the middle of the tree there is just one body to the root of the origin that nutrients the tree. Like any poets, artists and/or all us, why among of us come up with a beautiful song or deepest thought on a poem, etc.? Is because of the beauty living things attracting our feeling and thought give us the air to breath and the freedom to express.

    • I have experience lots. Spirituality.inner world. People who are death. Its a gift frm the great greats ones. Its hard to believe unless u experience it. I hv lots of sharing. Do contact me.

  10. I believe that these “supernatural”-things exist. I could even call them natural. I have had many firsthand experiences on many kinds of fields in this area, but I really feel that you have to go through something like that to really believe. This reality we live in is so much more fascinating, complex and magical than we could have ever imagined.

  11. hi shorya,
    i never believed in life after death but i was forced to belive it when this incident took place
    once me and my friend went to an old haweli situated at the outskirts of jabalpur, we went there just for fun
    when we entered the haweli a bat suddenly blocked our way we were so scared that we decided to go back but we were not able to move our feet , it felt like someone is there who is holding us then suddenly wewere thrown out of the place
    since that they me and my friend never went at that place
    when i told my expirience to my parents they were not ready to believe it

  12. Life after death is real Based on Science the connection is Birth and death When you die you will go into a big bright light then you are in the womb again as someone else trust me believe me im right even science has agreed about this its all to do with Nature evolution not religion From Luke Clark Born 22nd of June 1995

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