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March 20th, 2013
Is there a way to get taller – 3 Best possible ways to get taller

Many of us want to get taller and improve our looks by increasing height.But “is there a way to get taller”?

In this article you will not find any assure ways to get taller that you might have found from many other fake sources who guaranty you to increase your height but yes you will get some tips and tricks that will make a chance for you to get taller.


 is there a way to get taller

Not getting a proper or average height is a main issue in age group of 18 to 27.More specifically, 17 to 22 is a age where guys and girls are more possessive about their height.In this age group ,guys and girls do a lot of things to increase their height.But the thing is they don’t have proper knowledge about what to do to get taller.They don’t know what kind of factors are there that determine height of a person.So taking these kind of people in mind the article is written.

Height and growth of person depends on many factors.Most of you might be aware of genetics , this is one of the main factor that almost determines growth and height of a person.A person get a height equal or more than the parents height, but sometimes it can be different because of many other reasons behind that.

So now let us get into some factors that determine height of a person.The reason for discussing the factors is to make you aware so that you won’t rely on anything to grow taller.


Factors that decide height of a person…….

There are many factors that determine height and growth of a person.But here we will discuss only few of them that are the main factors.


As mentioned above height and growth is mostly determined by the height of their parents.

Improper diet

Well balanced diet is very important ,not only for height but overall growth of a person. Improper diet is also a reason in many cases for not getting taller.

Physical work

Many of the guys and girls have no physical work in their routine.When we talk about sports and games it doesn’t exist in their routing because today nobody take out time to play sports and games.Playing games also effects growth of height.

Now let us get into our main motive of this article “how to get taller” and here you will find answer of the question that is stuck into your mind that is “is there a way to get taller”.

Yes ,bellow you can find three broad ways in which you can get taller.

3 Broad ways you can get taller

A- Natural ways to get taller

B- Artificial ways to get taller

C- Tricks to look taller


Natural ways to get taller


    If you are still in your teenage , you must maintain a proper diet ,in which you can have all basic nutrients to increase height and growth. You can have a proper diet plan from a physician.
    Have healthy fruits,vegetables and grains . Go for vitamin D rich foods like Milk , fish etc. for strong bones and add high protein in your diet.

Stretching Exercises

Exercises are very important , exercises give a reason to grow your muscles and bones.Stretching exercises make your muscles and bones stretch , and this can lead to increase in height.

Sports and games

Must Read : Importance of sports and games

Why Sports and games are very important ,many kids and teenagers have found their height increasing when they started playing sports and games.

Sports like – basketball , swimming ,long tennis etc.. these are the games that make you stretch your body

Other- cycling , running ,hanging on bars to stretch your body or any other physical activities that makes your body stretch.


There are some yoga asanas that can lead to increase in height, this is one of the thing which have logic.Yoga asanas for height increase works mostly on stretching and also works on glands that effect height of a person.

3 asnas you can do at home that work on stretching and glands that work on height.

– Hal asana



This is NDTV Good Times video coverage on How to get taller with yoga.


How to get taller

Artificial ways to get taller

          There are many artificial ways to increase height ,but here @Youthofest

We strictly advice you to avoid artificial things

        to get taller or increase height.Here ,artificial ways are mentioned just for your information.So we will not go much into it.

Surgery – In this surgery, the muscles and shine bones are cut in between and are forced to grow  with help of mechanical instruments.This surgery is very very painful and takes 6 to 9 months to grow the bones.

Pills – There are many pills or medicines you can find in medical store , but most of them are of no use and some of them are even dangerous as it can lead to side effects on your body.

Injections – There are injections also to increase height.

WARNING – We again warn you to not go for any of these things as these can harm you.

Your opinion- How to get taller .

So there are huge list of things shared here for you to get taller,Hope this article has helped you out.If you liked this article, please share it with your friends in your social networking.

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  1. Hello, i read all of those ways to be taller. That was good, but not enough for me, i am 28 years old and i am 60 kg, and 158 cm. I am really suffering from this, hope that you can help me with that. thanks a lot.

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