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December 15th, 2012
Importance of sports and games for youth.

Why youngsters or youth should give some importance for sports and games?
I am keen to write this topic as I spent my teenage in playing a lot of sports and games with studies, so I know how important it is in life.

But I think as generation is passing by the importance of sports and games is diminishing.Todays youth is more interested  in virtual games like playing Xbox ,PS,mobile games  rather than  real games which could be beneficial for them.Not only shifting of interest to virtual games,some have reasons of studies or work and they are not able to take out time for sports and games or they don’t give much importance to it.But here my motive is to make you aware of its benefits and what are the things you are loosing if you don’t have time or you don’t have any importance for it.

Importance of sports & games and how it is Beneficial for youth.
Importance of sports and games

Playing sports and games can give you a numerous benefits which can lead to overall improvement of your body both mentally and physically.Lets check out what are the benefits it can give you.

    • Physical Benefits

I Assume that  everybody  knows how important it is for physical health.Not only it keeps you fit and healthy for a period of time in fact it helps you for life time.

I have seen many people at mature age they find difficulties with physical fitness.A strong reasons for many can be at their young age they never gave importance for sports.Researches are found the evidence that at age of maturity or old age the person who were found with difficulties physical and health ,for many, reasons were the same.

Lot more..


Playing sports can boast up your strength which leads to activeness.It keeps you active all the time whether at time of work or studies.

Body fitness

As I mentioned above that sports and games can lead to a very fit and fine body.You don’t have to go gym for body fitness ,Sports is enough to keep your body fit.


Builds up energy, stamina and strength.

    • Health and Mind Benefits

For health and mind both sports and games are very beneficial.It keeps you fit from inside,improves immune system which in turn gives a healthy and fit body.


It helps in refreshing your mind.Working or studying all the time can make make your thinking, decision or learning power low.,makes your life more with stress ,tension and workload.So here taking out some time  to play some sports or games can makes you distress.

Mind growth

Research and study have reported that those who play sports and games at young age they have much growth of mind as compared to others.Games like chess, Sudoku ,Monopoly,Scrabble helps you in opening a mind and growth to think.

I think that life is very similar to sports and games.So I believe that it can teach you a lot of things which can help in many ways in your normal life.

Check out what it teaches an individual in life-

    • Teaches good decision making

Sports and games teaches a young mind a lot of things ,Decision making is one of them.You know when you play some sports or game you have to make some decisions these decisions train your mind how to make decisions in life.

    • Gives you motivation

Playing games and sports give you a lot of motivation in life at the time of your difficult situations, hectic life etc..

    • Teaches you how to work in team

When you play sports which need team members to play ,it teaches you how to work in a team,teaches you strength of unity,team bonding.This helps you at time when you are working at some place which requires team work.


    • Teaches you Discipline

It teaches you how to make a discipline in personal and professional life.

    • Teaches You How to tackle Crucial Situations

When you play sports or some game ,some time the situation get very crucial and that time you have to get down all your capabilities to focus.Same things happens in life when you struggling with crucial situations.

    • Teaches you patience

Sports and games teaches you the art of patience at difficult times in life.

    • Lifetime keeps you fit

As I mentioned above it keeps you fit mentally as well as physically all over your life time.Lower the chances of diseases and physical problems.

  • Teaches you how to accept challenges


Sports and games are nothing without challenges.You have to take challenges from your self as well as from opponent.This teaches you how to accept challenges in normal life.

Likewise there are many things a person can learn from sports and games, not only for professional life but personal life too.

What kind of sports and games would be good?

When we talk about the sports and games, there are many which are beneficial for normal person but here I will tell you those sports and games for which you don’t need high skills and extra efforts to play.I have divided the list of sports and games according to physical and mental benefits.

Basket ball
Rope skipping
Snake and ladders(refreshment)


How to take out time for Sports and games?

I know many have reasons that they don’t have much time other than their work or studies but it is not possible.Its all about managing the time,so for making out time for sports and games you need to mange your time that’s it. Half or an hour a day is enough to keep you healthy and fit with other benefits.Who all are working can make out their time after the work post probably the evening and those who are studying can make out time when taking breaks.

Your Opinion – Importance of Sports and games

I am done from my side ,I shared all of the thing from my experiences as well as from others.So now you can share your opinion , views or any experiences on the topic. What you think ,sports and games are really important for youth or young people.

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17 thoughts on “Importance of sports and games for youth.

  1. Hi Shorya

    Yes, the games are really very important and in present situation, children should be encouraged to play the sports so that they can become more disciplined, realize the importance of working in team.At the same time they become physically fit as well.

    But with the advent of xbox and other virtual games they have really become lazy and physically unfit as most of the times they are on Computers which really affect their eyes to greater extent and overall health as well.

    Thanks for great topic of interest.


  2. Hi Sapna ji,

    Exactly young generation is really shifting toward virtual games and technologies which is making them lazy and unfit as they don’t go for real games.As in the article i mentioned ,youngster should go for real sports and games for atleast half an hour or an hour a day.

    Thanks for sharing your words.

    Shorya Bist

  3. Good explanation of the importance of sports and games for the youth. Currently, life is so busy for these youths that they hardly get time to engage in sports. But ideally if they can find the time, its good all round development both mind and health.

    • Hi shalu ji,

      I think the only solution is to manage time which very important for their personal life as well as with time management they can take out some time for sports and games also.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  4. Hi Shorya,
    Thanks for this wonderful post dear.
    I quite agree with you on the importance of sports to the body. Thats why they said that….. All work and no play makes jack a doll boy.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Theodore Nwangene,

      Thanks brother for liking the post and understanding the importance of sports and games.And wonderful liner “All work and no play makes jack a doll boy.” i forgot to mention in post as an example but yes your comment filled the gape.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  5. Important topic of discussion Shorya!

    Games and sports I feel are important for everyone, not just the youth, though yes, they are the ones who can really make the most of it. I feel kid’s should be introduced to the various games and sports when they are young – and parents or even their teachers should participate in encouraging the sport or game they like.

    It’s not just a matter of physical fitness as you mentioned, but even mental and the overall well being of a person that matters – isn’t it? There was a time a few years back when I had stopped all kind of physical activities due to lack of time and I saw the difference then and now (once I got back to it).

    I’m not much into sports (now) but very regular with my early morning brisk and long walks, a little bit of yoga, meditation and exercises, which is good enough for my age I guess. :) However, it saddens me that children nowadays tend to remain indoors and remain busy with computer games, instead of playing outdoors. And the results start showing soon in their young life then.

    Thanks for sharing and raising this important topic with everyone. :)

  6. Hi Shorya

    I agree that kids should definitely get outside and play more. Not so sure about football, with all the head injuries I hear about. But being glued to a computer screen, although it is the way of the future and will probably get the youngsters into a good job, that is not all there is to life.

    Kids don’t get outside and run around and all they are doing is getting obese, which results in poor health and probably a shorter lifespan.

    I didn’t like sports at school when growing up, but I did go outside and run, swim, ride bike, walk on the beach and let my imagination carry me away. Kids are now constantly entertained and lack that imagination of play. I grew up with no TV. My mother made us go outside if it was a nice day and I am grateful for that push.

    Taking sports, music and art out of the schools is a really awful thing, kids really do need to have things to enjoy doing in school. For some, that is all they like about school. All work and no play doesn’t sound like much of a fun place to be. It sounds like a job you hate. School is tough on some kids as it is, with all the bullying going on, it shouldn’t also be a “prison” for them.


    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion.I think parent are also equally responsible ,they should tell their children the importance of sports and games.They should encourage them to take out time from studies and work for it.As your mom use to do with you.My dad was also up to it to make me go out and engage me on many different types of sports which i now thankful that it taught me so much and giving other benefits too.

      Thank you
      Shorya Bist

  7. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for coming to youthofest.I think i have not only mentioned physical fitness as well as brain growth and some other factors which can to lead to a very good life.As I mentioned in the post that Games and sports teaches you alot of things in life.You should have read these once again i think you missed out some important things.

    The reason i used it for youth because it is the best period they utilized with sports .Young age is the best for growth so sports and games can help out in overall growth of them.other thing youth have little more time than a mature age as mature people have lot more responsibilities and taking out time for it is little difficult But yes not impossible yet!

    I think my point of view is conveyed.
    Keep Coming

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist

  8. Shorya,
    A great article giving all of the reasons sports are good. I think it is so good for kids to have challenges, in our life, we usually have it too easy, and kids have to learn to work hard. Sports are great for this. I see my son doing what I can’t imagine and I know he is full of pride that he can.

    • Hi Jodi,

      I am happy that you liked my article and as well as you understand the importance of sports for young guys and girls.You know there are many things what these young people can’t learn from studies but can learn from sports and games.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  9. Hi Shorya,
    I played youth sports all during my childhood and it certainly helped me to work with others towards achieving a goal. I noticed in my town that more and more Martial Arts facilities are opening up and they are packed with kids an adults.

    Take Care.

    • Hi Justin,

      Thats great to hear that your childhood was also with sports and games.Martial art is very good there are lot many advantages that i know and thats great that in your nearby kids are participating in it.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist
      From Youthofest

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