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December 4th, 2012
How to propose a girl? Some tips to propose a girl

Are you the one who find it difficult to propose a girl? You are confused what to do?You are shy or hesitant or nervous to propose a girl?

Is that so ,If it is the situation than my friend I am here to help you.I am not any Love guru or something like that but yes I can surely guide you to how exactly  you should  propose a girl in a very Decent way.

The tips which I am going to share with you will definitely help you to get out of the situation as these tips have been collected from different guys and their experiences on proposing a girl.

I am dividing the categories into three sections, that is-
How to propose a girl for friendship
How to propose a girl for Love
How to propose a girl for Marriage.

The reason for dividing the topic into section is because at every situation from above three (the way ,mentality,psychology are different).You may be in one of the above category and way of proposing may differ in every situation.

So now we ill discuss the tips,First we will discuss the common tips( basic tips) than we will discuss the tips category wise.I advise you to read the full article don’t miss any thing because it’s a chain ,if you miss out any thing you will not be able to understand.So read carefully.

Common Tips to Propose a girl

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Understanding nature of girl

Before proposing a girl you should know in and out of her nature.This is very important because it will help you to approach a way which will suit her nature.Not only this will lead to a right approach as well as it will help you to know yourself first that is she the one you are looking for as a friend, lover or life partner.

Understanding Likes and dislikes of girl

You should know what are the likes and dislikes of her.This way you can make out how you should propose that girl.If she is more toward filmy side than you can propose her that way.You can use some filmy lines to impress her or do some filmy style.If she like gifts than you can find out what she likes and present her a  gift.If she is little mature in nature and like some kind of mature talks,mature mentality than you can propose in that way.So the first you should find out what she likes and then do the same for her.Knowing her dislikes also will help you because you should definitely avoid those things.

Have patience For the right time

I know you just cant wait to propose her.But impatience can some time lead to bad impression or may be chances that she might refuse your proposal.

There may be many reasons that she can refuse when you impatiently propose her ,the possible reasons can be-you didn’t know her nature, likes ,dislikes ,without any starting approach directly proposing her,without knowing her current situation may be she would be suffering from situation which may lead to refusal.

So you have to be patient enough to wait for the right time.

Right time to propose

Perfectly a right time can be when you are fully prepared and really ready to propose.In my opinion you are ready when you are aware of her nature , likes ,dislikes,Whether she is not going though any bad situation etc.. So when you know all of these things and the things which will help you while proposing then you are ready and that would be a right time.

Now you are aware of some common tips So will now discuss each Proposal way.

How to propose a girl for friendship?

I assume that above things are clear to you.Now to proposing a girl for friendship, you should approach her not directly for friendship But first Making out some common things.

Lets suppose a girl in your college is very cute and you want to be her friend.Very easy,you can ask her for any help in studies, assignments.Make her feel comfortable with your company when ever you get a chance.Don’t miss a chance to entertain her- Crack jokes,share experiences or let her share some experience with you.

If you find a girl in your office or workplace  whom you want to be a friend  than you can do the above thing according to the office environment and like wise with your situations.

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How to propose a girl for Love?


You see some girl in coffee place every day you like her and want to make her your girlfriend,You find your colleague cute and you like her to be your girlfriend, You want to go ahead to make your crush into girlfriend etc..Don’t worry just follow right approach and answer will be yes.

Starting approach

Don’t try to rush ,give it a clean approach.First try to know about her as much as you can her like likes,dislikes,hobbies,interests, nature etc.. as I said before also.You can do it by asking her friends or colleagues about her.Ask her some times not directly but indirectly.Use every possible way to come close to her but should not be over done as it can irritate her.

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Start as Friendship

After Knowing her and being little close make  her a friend.Try to be her friend ask or friendship.To be a friend what you should do is already mentioned in above section “How to propose a girl for friendship”.So when you find that you are close enough to her you both share things with each other, You spend time with each others.Than try to give her some hints.

Give some hints

Give her some hints what you feel for her not directly with words but with your gestures, way of behaving with her,with your expressions etc.. (not directly by words). Give her importance which you not give to others,Make her feel that she is very special to you.Open up yourself in front of her a bit so that she get some hints.

Make her feel your importance in her life-

Some times make her feel your importance in her life and again not by word.You don’t have to do any extra things from above to make her feel.Just some time give her some space to make her think or realize your importance in her life.Make her every moment special as much as you can so that when you are not there she should miss that something is missing in her life that is you.

Right Time to Propose

Now when you are successful in above all things then it is the right time to propose her.Give your best to propose her ,make your self open to her what you feel for her like a open book and now you its time to speak by words.Tell everything in decent way that should not look over ,just be yourself as the way she started liking you.

I am sure when you try my above approach than you cant fail answer would be yes only So don’t hesitate now give it a chance.


How to propose a girl For marriage?

Now a possible case is when you want to propose a girl  for marriage is when you are in love with her or in relationship So a love affair can be case.So now you are in relationship for long or the time has come when you have both decided that you both are meant for each other and want to marry each other.


This is a very special moment for a girl when her love ask her for marrying him.I repeat it is the moment for which a girl really waits for in her life.

So make this propose or moment so special that she can never forget in her life.Now I am here no more to tell you what you can do or give some tips because at this situation you knowing everything about her and you are the one who can take a best way to propose her.


Your Opinion – How to propose a girl

I hope I gave you the best of guidance as possible as I could ,the tips I gave you were all together after knowing many experience in proposing from different peoples.Now if you find anything related to topic”how to propose a girl” and want to share with us than feel free  or you want to ask some questions on the topic then feel free to ask by commenting below.

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29 thoughts on “How to propose a girl? Some tips to propose a girl

  1. Hi Shorya,

    It’s very interesting that this article was written by a guy, since it’s talking about knowing what girls are made of, right? But great article, though.

    You know what I always say “jokingly” when people talk about “races” I say there’s really only 2 kinds of races and you can see them on the doors of every public bathrooms, there are male and female. :) There just so many difference between the two make up.

    Make a woman important is very important, indeed and I can’t stand men that are not attentionate towards women.

    Oh, and I had to add this… I actually have written an article about the cliche of thinking that French men are more romantic…. I’m French, so that’s always surprised me. Do you know that most French men don’t propose? I have the link showing here…

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your words. Yes i am a guy and taking about proposing a girl. Yes its truelly from my experience and i may be wrong but what i think is ,any girl on this planet need some attentions ( something special ) and girls really like proposals and i was training my youthofest boys how to propose a girl and how to make this moment special.

    LoL Two races we can see on the public bathroom , Next time if someone talk about races i ill say the same line :)

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist

    • Yeah i still feel lyk ur both wrong coz even blacks ar romantic its jst dat it is very hard 2 propose 2 a girl but very easy to compliment a girl,i once have fallen 4 this gal by de name of quendo but i still havent approached her

  3. This is awesome advice. I am a girl and these wold all please me. I wish a proposal came more than once in my life, (without divorce though). It is so special. As long as it is done with love, it is wonderful!

  4. Hi Jodi,

    Thanks for visiting Youthofest. I am glad that you like my advices as you are a girl and if you are convinced then i think i have done prity much well in the article.Yes i know for a girl proposals are very special thats what i have mentioned in the article also.

    Shorya Bist

  5. You seems really experienced dude! :)

    I really love the approach you mentioned here.. Stay more and more time before proposing is the best idea.. Every guy should propose to a girl if she is comfortable with him.

    Your tips are amazing! :)

  6. Hi Shorya,

    Thanks for sharing the information, that were some great tips. I think you are very much exeperienced in love related things.I like the way you said that before proposing the guy much know the likes and dislikes of the girl.


  7. looks like you know them more than they know themselves ! :) Wish you had this written .. about a decade back… for me … 😀 anyways , i just recalled a few mistakes during those days .. and could relate with the ones which made me successful at last … lol !! nice post !! Love Guru why didn’t you write a decade back ..? hahaha .. suppa like ..bro !!

    God I am having a tough time posting the comment !! God knows what does the theme want from me ..says its a duplicate comment although I do not see any message of moderation and not even the comment any ways … last try !!hehe

      • hey friends i need to propose a girl to whom i see in bus stop but not able to talk with her, i don’t get the way to start my conversations with her, Pls Suggest me , Its already 3 months long

        pls pls….

        • Hey chandan,

          Relax friend , i think you should not be in hurry.First you need to initiate a talk with her.try to make out what she do , What she wear like suppose you find her in school uniform , try to take that point and start converstaion.Like “i think i have seen you somewhere , may xyz college or school” .when she says yes i study in that school or college then corelate your self to begin the converstaion, if she say no i study in zyx college then corelate your self with that .Like – “Oh, my friend was ex student of that school or college.
          Likewise you need a topic to initiate.And you only have to make out how you can initiate.
          But try to talk casually , don’t be desperate to show your feeling on first day chances are that she will deny your proposal as she don’t know you.
          So intiate a causal talk ,convert it into common topic ..disuscuss some new topic everyday or may be any common topic, then try to be her friend and then only go for proposal.
          For more help mail me your full details ,what exactly the situation is , I ill try to help you out friend.


          • hi,this is rehan n i like a girlr very much for two year ,so plz tell me the way i can purpose her i do purpose her

  8. This girl has Boyfriend,She sees me and even changed her course into my course,even her Boy Friend also came to my course,we made only very nice EYE contact for more than 2 months.At one day,i asked the girl to come with me,without any rejection she came with me.After 1 min only i proposed to this girl by saying “I LOVE U”,then she got bit shocked and said that this the only first time i am seeing you,and she said that she has Boy Friend and i committed with him,and after this she asked my name,Now i am shocked :)

    my Question is:Since she has boyfriend,Why the hell she make eye contact with me and follow my class and why she got Rejected me?

    • Hi pavan,

      Friend I think you did a mistake that you asked her directly ,i mean you proposed her directly, this is not the way.This happens with a lot of guys, first they don’t open up with the girl due to many reasons -shyness , hesitant ,Some guys don’t what to say .After that they propose directly and here they do a mistake.

      Now coming to your question, Friend sometime eye contact doesn’t mean that girl likes the guy or have interest.So considering this you should not conclude that she likes you.

      You need to talk to that girl and tell her that you realized that you should’nt have proposed her directly.Then ask her for a casual talk and say casually whatever you feel but don’t insist her for relationship.And after that ask her ,what she feels about this.

      But here the possibility of saying yes is very less as you also know that she is already in a relationship.And if the answer is No, then my suggestion would be to leave ,there are a lot many girls out there.You will have a special-1 one day.

      So just relax and ask her in a very casual way.


  9. i love a girl at my university i did one same course with her now i got to tell her, i never spoken her before i dont know much about her, one of my friend gave me her number. i always think her. i want to propose her i dont want she refuse me plz tell me what can i do now

  10. hey hi
    this is shailesh here n my question is i need to proposed a girl whom i see her in my area because she reguarly came in my area for classes then our eye contact are good but really i dont how to talk wid her n when to talk wid her.

    Pls hellp me……

  11. hi,
    I am sandeep. working at one of the top mnc s/w company.
    I have a girl there(too pretty), who looks at me with lot of love(
    atleast I think so )
    One day I dared and asked her
    me: Do u like mee???
    she: NO…NO!!!! why did u think so???
    me: I dont know I just felt it!!!
    she: no

    Above was the conversation on call…after that
    we just meet couple of times accompanied my common frnds..see still
    looks with same
    love and also pays attention to what i say to my common frnds…
    smiles for my jokes with some shy
    I don’t know whats happening…
    but I wanna get rid of it(if she really not interested in me) because
    its easy for me to do so
    I want that girl forever ( I can’t sentence this as love but I like her too)

    please give ur suggestion..its pretty imp. for me to decide soon

    with regards

  12. Hi,this is ricky.I’ve fallen in love whos is my classmate.sometime she look me but when i loo her.she immediately her i talk to her nor she want.but i love her so much.
    Plz answer my to became close to her or to propose idea. :-)

  13. hey dude i want to propose girl we both are in relationship since few moth a i fell so shy to how to propose her………. so plz dude advice me…….

  14. i love a girl………she shares many things frm her boyfriend……….and she always says to me that she dont like her bf………and she is really close to me……….how can i prapose her………….

  15. i love a girl………she shares many
    things frm her boyfriend…to many personal things…….and she
    always says to me that she dont like
    her bf………and she is really close to
    me……….how can i prapose
    her……………..she really dont talk to me formally but when i start talking to her she shares every movement……………how can i propose her………i want to do it tommorow
    help me

  16. i was not know…hw to propose through u guys um perfect n many girl like me to be all the tym.and um happy of dat thnx guyz….

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