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February 23rd, 2013
How to improve your personality with easy steps

Many of us want to improve our personality.But do we really know what exactly  personality means?

In this article we will discuss many things like – What personality is all about,how to judge personality ,What is good personality,how to improve personality and we will discuss some examples also for more understanding.

Misconception about personality….

There is a big misconception in people about personality.I have found many people consider personality as “how we look or our physical appearance”.

Physical appearance or looks is one of the parameter that counts for personality of a person.So only on basis of physical appearance one cant be judged.

Personality- Personality is a combination of characteristics and qualities of an individual.

how to improve personality

Every individual on this planet is possess different qualities and characteristics.So on basis of both we judge personality of a person.[You can call personality as a image of an individual.]

When we talk about improving our personality ,by this we actually means that we want to make a good personality,isn’t it?.

So what exactly a good personality is?

How to improve personalityA good personality is nothing but the good qualities and characteristics of a person.So when we say a person have a good personality ,we actually mean that the person have some good qualities and characteristics.

Parameters of good personality

Physical appearance
Yes , physical appearance also matters when we talk about a good personality.By physical appearance I don’t mean that you should have great looks.But I mean to say you should groom a bit.

Confidence is very important aspect that makes a good personality.You must have noticed that many famous personality have great confidence.

Speaking ability
How you speak in front of people that matters a lot.A good speaker always attract people by his speaking ability.

A good personality person is always a good influencer , so when you start influencing people that means you have good personality.

You should be intelligent enough to acquire and apply your knowledge and skills.

Knowledge helps in improving speaking ability and build a confidence in you.

Honest people are always appreciated and respected.

Out of the box
This is very important point.Suppose you acquire all of the above things but still it will not make you any different from other good personalities.So know your self more and be unique.

Positive attitude
Big personalities always have a positive attitude in their thinking and their approach.So your attitude should be positive.

Leadership Qualities
You should have leadership qualities ,If you want to improve your personality.

How to improve personality

As earlier mentioned ,personality is nothing but the combination of characteristics and qualities of a person.So to improve your personality you have to work on both.

Above we have discussed some parameters of a good personality.So taking those parameters as base ,I am going to give you some tips and advices on how to improve your personality.

Tips on how to improve personality

The list of things that I am going to share is all connected to one another.So I would suggest you to read each point very carefully.

Improve appearance
By improving appearance, I don’t mean that you have to look very handsome or stylish.But I mean to say you have to groom a bit.

  • Dressing-Wear casuals and don’t wear any high end cloths that don’t suit your personality.
  • Styling-Wear nice watch ,good shoes and simple & suitable hair style.
  • Confidence- Be confident that you are looking good and presentable.
  • Body structure – Its optional but when you are fit ,you look more confident and presentable.

Improve confidence
As  mentioned earlier, great personalities always have one thing common in them that is confidence.So to make a good personality you should have great confidence in you.Confidence in speaking ,confidence in your work and approach,confidence in commitment that you give to your self and others.

  • Talk to different people of different interests.
  • Don’t  hesitate or stay back in initiating the conversation with anyone.
  • Participate in  school ,college ,office events etc..
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Improve your knowledge.
  • Participate in group discussions.
  • Socialize yourself.

Improve speaking ability
You should have the ability to impress any one by your words.When you speak in front of some one or group of people ,speak a way which will impress anyone.

  • Watch interview of famous people.
  • Watch videos of great speakers and notice some good point from their speeches.
  • Watch news channels
  • Observe people how they speak ,pick out good things from good speakers around you and compare yourself.
  • To be good speaker ,you need to be a good listener.So make a habit of listening to others.
  • Improve your knowledge on sayings,quotes,famous liners so that you can use it when you speak.
  • You should have your own style of speaking that should be different from others and should be interesting.

Improve knowledge
Knowledge is very important ,that you must have understood by reading above points.It is important not only from point of view of improving personality but also for many others things in life.

  • Read books , newspaper ,use internet for information and knowledge.
  • Talk to many people as much as you can and know about them ,this helps you know about many things around you and also improve your knowledge.
  • Watch news channels , movies etc..
  • Use social media – This will help you for two things –socializing and sharing knowledge.

Improve Intelligence
You have great knowledge and abilities but you don’t know how to best utilize it then no use of that knowledge and abilities.And as mentioned above Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

    • Give time to know yourself more better.
    • Know your abilities and find out the best ways to utilize it.
    • Read biographies ,interviews of intelligent people.
    • Read books.


Be honest
As mentioned above honest people are always appreciated and respected.So start to be honest to yourself ,if you are not honest to yourself you cant be honest to anybody.

Be out of the box
By this statement , I mean to say that you should not try to copy others in any thing, I believe every individual on this planet is different  from others and have some different characteristics and qualities.

Best thing for this you can do is know yourself ,know your abilities and work on them.Walk in a way that you have made, not in others way.Believe me, this kind of people who are unique in their every approach or thinking they are always in a way to make a great personality or they are.

Be a influencer
When you excel in all above things you will be automatically become a influencer,so for this you don’t have to give some extra efforts.Yes one thing you can do is try to notice things from great influencer from around the world and see what do they have in them.

Other tips……

  • Dedication in work.
  • Clear and focused in life.
  • Determined in life.
  • Always inspire people.
  • Always stick to your commitments.
  • Always go for quality in life not quantity.
  • Be punctual.
  • Positive attitude in life.
  • Speak by your work not by your words.
  • Be conventional.
Your opinion  – How to improve personality.

I think I have mentioned some basic things that are must, So now its your turn ,if you find some suitable tips on this topic “How to improve personality “that you want to share or may be if you want to ask anything ,you are most welcome.

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9 thoughts on “How to improve your personality with easy steps

  1. Hi Shorya,

    Very nice post up here with lot of details and tips mate :)

    Well, I have more to improve there. I’m much of a quiet person (Now when writing), but speaking is where I lack of as I feel. Public speaking is not a lethal weapon of mine yet though 😉

    It’s very true that people have different misconceptions about the personality. Someone define it as the physical appearance, while someone else say it’s how you behave and another one may say the one who got everything that a person needs.

    When I read about personality there is a person that comes into my mind :) He was a very good personality who is very intelligent since school days, but end up being in jail. It’s not his problem alone but the society contributed. He was lack of patience and I think it really matters in personality too Shorya. Actually set of qualities to follow. We can find some folks has wonderful personalities, but weak from inside. No, it’s not only about the confidence though. Psychologists knows better :)

    Confidence is something I lacked from my childhood and I remember teachers at school pushing me to events but I didn’t take part of ’em :) Oh… Once I did, ’cause the teacher was one of my favorite teachers. Love is a confidence booster for me 😉 But it’s dynamic for sure.

    I really love the personalities who are genuine Shorya :) In business world we can see very good personalities but doubt remains with honesty. I think even if you have a better personality, it’s worthless unless you contribute it for good or can’t use it at the right moment. Isn’t it?

    Now I’ve got lot to improve 😉


  2. Hi Shorya

    Great list to follow. Would like to add though one or two of those qualities without the others can be very bad. Such as “influencer” and “self-confidence”. There are situations that very bad people have influenced their followers to do bad things. Like the following: Nov 18, 1978 – Jonestown, Jonestown cult suicides, Jim Jones (just pulled this line from Google search). He also had a lot of self-confidence.

    Definitely need a number of good things to qualify as a good personality. When people try to good on the inside it will flow to others and they will be well respected. We should pursue to acquire all the good qualities. Very nice list.


  3. Hi Shorya.

    Nice and interesting article.

    I have read your article, sometimes I do not have the confidence to speak in front of many people. I have a personality “SHAME” I mostly silent than to speak.

    After reading this I got a lot of valuable lessons, from now on I will improve my appearance, and it will increase my confidence in front of many people.

    Thank you for sharing Shorya.

  4. Hi Shorya,
    How was your weekend?

    All the tips you mentioned here on personality are superb and i agree with every bit of it. The only thing i will like to add is being self reliant, not depending on other people for you to succeed.

    And having the ability to take responsibilities for your mistakes.

    Nice write up indeed. Great sharing.

  5. HI Shorya,

    Apologies for being late on the post.

    I strongly believe in strongest personality trait that is Confidence. I have seen people who have limited knowledge but they have excelled with this one trait, though with time they have improved a lot. Honesty surely pays in long run.

    I have to improve on all the aspects of personality. Lately I have started working on my writing skills. Also I’m learning on the various aspects of blogging as well. Let’s see how the things shape up.

    Thanks Shorya for sharing this.


  6. What a insightful and practical post. Anyone can become better because anyone can grow and learn. This year I’m growing in the areas of leadership, communication, and platform building. I’m also being intentional in growing my marriage and learning how to be a better father. The topic of growing and developing is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed reading this post!

  7. Hi admin, personality is something which catches the eye first, either it is corporate world or it is our casual life, personality is very important aspect. Groomed personality is essential for each of us. Thanks for updating us with tips of improving personality. :)

  8. Hello.

    Those were rally helpful. Thinking about personality, we can come into a conclusion thar any person can change him or herself. The only thing needed is Self confidence.

  9. Hi!
    thanks 4 something suggest,I m using ur dedicated words also I will be punctuated,bt a major prblm are in my life since August,2012,I indicate my prblm to all my dedicated friends,
    A girl whose name is Kritika Singh I just falling in her love 100 % bt she didn’t agree with me,my personality is very well than what can I do,plz hlp me my friends,
    ur sincerely,

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