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January 26th, 2013
How to concentrate on studies? 10 tips to concentrate well on studies.

I am specially writing this article for students who are not able to concentrate on studies.
With some experiences and knowledge ,I will try to help you and tell you how to concentrate on studies better.

Now when we hear the word “concentration” the first thing that comes to our mind is books but its power is much beyond that. There are very few things that you can do nicely without good concentration. Even in sports that seems to require lots of physical labor also needs a strong concentration power.

We have discussed many times how competition is increasing day by day. This means if you want to be the best then you have to be good at every count. And if you have a good concentration power then you are in advantage.

So, in this article we will discuss few ways of developing a great concentration. The method that I have described in this article came from my own experiences and few tips that my psychiatrist gave me during few of my sessions with him few years ago. Let us begin!

How to concentrate on studies

10 Tips to improve concentration for studies

1. Meditation Practice 

You must have seen in many Chinese movies how monks are using concentration to do something which we even might call supernatural and they give the credits of their power to meditation. So, I think if meditation can help them do such amazing things then it surely can help us to do work that require a level of concentration.

I have done meditation for sometime myself and what I have noticed is that it calms your mind. When your mind is completely calm it provides a great control over your body. Those people who have to study a lot should meditate before studying and if possible even in the small breaks that you take.

Since past few years the Chinese people are making a mark in practically every field even in Olympics. I truly believe that meditation plays a strong part behind it.

2. Avoid multi-tasking

I have seen people bragging about how they can do so many things at a single time and to be really honest I also use to get impressed by it until I read an article about a research conducted on a group of people. It showed, people who did multitasking had problems in concentrating. When I say multitasking, it means, watching TV while studying or listening to music while doing some work. This is very true. I myself had problems in concentrating when I did multitasking.

When you do multitasking what actually happens is the speed of you performing a task, falls. So, I think taking one task at a time is better then taking a lot at once. It ensures a task taking place at a good pace and it also increases the quality of work.

The logic behind it is very simple. I read it many-many years in a book. It was something like this. A professor is explaining his student how if the light of sun is focused at a point with the help of a lens then it can produce so much heat energy that it can even burn a piece of paper.

His point behind this was if we concentrate our whole energy to do a single task then we can do it much better and I completely agree with him. You can try it to because it won’t cost you to try it once but if you learn something from it then it is worth it.

3. Avoid Listening music for long time

Listening to music for a very long time leads to decrement of your concentration level. Few years back I went to a psychiatrist regarding the same problem. When he asked me about my music love he was amazed when I told him that I listened to music for about 8 hours in a day. Initially, I thought what he was asking was irrelevant . But when he explained about the chemical changes that music brings to our brain I understood his point of view.

So, I reduced the time of my music love to a minimum level and the results that I got were astonishing. Now, I could concentrate better and for long. And since now days pretty much everyone have an i-pod or MP3 player, even mobile phone can provide quite a good level of music.

Everyone is kind of addicted to music which I have told is not good for your concentration. I am not saying to completely ban it from your life but just try to control the amount of time you spend in it to a basic level.

4. Sexual tension

It has been observed that people with sexual tension building up inside them has low concentration power. Their mind are always preoccupied with unresolved issues. There is no place left to think anything else. People in this category are generally the once who don’t have a partner or don’t have enough time to dissolve this tension. This makes them irritated all the time. Due to which they can’t concentrate in anything else.

5. To achieve you must believe

If you keep telling yourself that you can do something then you’ll sure be able to do it. I saw a movie in which a boy was told to repeat a sentence as many times as he can. The sentence was “To achieve you must believe”.

When you tell yourself that you can concentrate then you probably will be able to do it. It is all about thinking positive. I think this is applicable to everything in life. If you think you can’t do something then no matter how talented you are or how hard you work, you won’t be able to do it. You lose before even beginning the race and if you think positive then you are one step ahead.

6. Make a habit

When I was in High School I attended a seminar of a priest. He was telling us about how he turned his body into an alarm clock, i.e, he would wake up exactly at 5 A.M without the use of any alarm. He said, “He trained his body in such a way that he is able to do that”. That made me think that our body is like a machine, so, we can make it work the way we want it to work by putting in the right input.

If you study at a particular time everyday then your body takes it as an input and will work with you in perfect synchronization at that time. You’ll find that you can concentrate more and your grasping power will also increase at the time of the day.

7. Scheduled work

There are two kinds of people, one who work according to a schedule and other who don’t work with a schedule. From what I know the people in first category are always in advantage. The reason behind this is very simple. When you work using a schedule your mind doesn’t waver around. Therefore, this increases your concentration power.

On the other hand, if you don’t follow a schedule instead of choosing a path you keep wandering around. This leads to your concentration suffering.

8. Pressure

There are 2 kinds of pressure; active and passive. In this article, we will be discussing about active pressure because it is something that we can have a solution of. And as we have no control over passive pressure we won’t be discussing about it.

Active Pressure
I read an article which said that people take tension upon themselves. I call this “Active pressure”. How people take pressure? It is like people think about their destination so much that they forget about the path in which they are walking. Due to this they lack focus.

So, it is better to do what you have to do instead of worrying about things that can happen. There is a saying among Hindu’s that says, “You should do your work without thinking about what you can get back from it”. If you do this a great load will be removed from your back, hence, you can concentrate better.


9. Yoga Practice

  It is believed that few positions of yoga can really help you increase your concentration. One of them is “head stand”. When you do a head stand the circulation of blood moves to your brain and maximizes concentration. Apart from that it is also good for your eyes and hairs.

But some people also say that if you have weak hair, then, head stand can destroy them further. There is a solution to this too. We just need an exercise which directs the flow of blood to your head.

One simple Yoga exercise for improving concentration.

STEP 1 – Sit on a standard yoga position (legs folded)

STEP 2 Move your hands back and hold each other around the area of hip.

STEP 3 – Now move your forehead to your left knee while exhaling and move back to your position, inhaling.


STEP 4  Do the same for right knee.


STEP 5 Repeat this for at least 10 times.

This exercise does the same things what head stand does but good thing about it is that it doesn’t cause any physical damage to hair.

10. Be Comfortable

There can be many things that you may find irksome which works as a hurdle to your concentration.

Clothes – If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing then it will be difficult for you to concentrate because it will work as a great distraction. So, key here is to wear loose clothes and get perfectly comfortable before you even get started with your work.

Surrounding – Your surrounding also plays a vital role in you getting that perfect concentration. If it is very cold or hot or humid you won’t be able to concentrate well.

Posture – A correct posture, especially, while studying is very important. If you study lying down you feel sleepy and will lack concentration.

Your opinion – How to concentrate on studies

These were few of my methods from my experiences and knowledge. Out of these I think meditation is one of the strongest and kind of permanent cure for people lacking to concentrate. None of them have any side-effects, so, you can try them yourself and unlike pharmaceutical products these are free too. Like I have my own techniques you also might be having some of yours. So, please do share them with us no matter how weird they are because sometime even the most bizarre things can work wonders.

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12 thoughts on “How to concentrate on studies? 10 tips to concentrate well on studies.

  1. Hi Shorya

    Great post!

    I have seen when I use to multitask I was unable to concentrate and infact I lost my focus. Even our computer programming Language states that multitasking is actually single task at a time but completed so quickly that user won’t be knowing that.
    Secondly for blogging per se I would say we all need to meditate a lot, its the toughest journey, Work in Progress and success does appear to be quite far.
    When I was in college we use to keep finger close to the face and both the eyes focussed on it to increase the concentration or the focus so to say. Prioritizing tasks has also helped me a lot in focusing a lot on the work in hand.

    You have the amazing talent/knack of picking the perfect topic.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.


    • Hi Sapna ji,

      Thanks alot for sharing your opinion and i am glad that you like my posts.
      Yes multitasking is ok sometimes but when we talk about concentration we cant achieve it doing multitasking.

      Single task + focus = concentration , BUT Multiple tasks + focus (divides) = No concentration.

      Hehehheh now you remind me of my college days when i use to study as you said “finger close to the face and both the eyes focussed on it to increase the concentration”.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  2. Hi Shorya,

    Awesome post mate :) Really great information and I believe not only students but any other would find this helpful.

    Meditaion was something I’ve learnt through my religion from childhood but didn’t wanna do that time. When I grow up I found the helpfulness of it and I’ve been able to stable in many situations with the help of it. Actually for first time it will take some time and effort, but when it becomes a habit things will be much smoother.

    I agree with some facts on multi-tasking and focusing on one thing at a time improves productivity for sure. But there are scenarios that people used to do stuff (Actually become habits) with the help of multi-tasking else they might feel they are less effective :) It really depends on their lifestyles and what they do.

    Oops… The Music is giving me adrineline always and my headphones are plugged in about 8 to 12 hours per day. Some days I just don’t feel listening too. Else I feel so sleepy 😉 May be the chemical changes were made.

    Believing in something really matters mate. I’ve experienced it in my higher studies as I was a student who has failed exams previously and that’s where my addiction to music starts too :) I’m not a person with high IQ or such and not much good with studies. Anyway I haven’t made much habits but I changed some, such as being awake overnight and sleep during the day 😉 Being comfortable is something I really need even at work and else I don’t concentrate much.


    • Hi Mayura,

      Thanks mate i am glad you liked my points.Yes ofcourse these are the points that any body can make use of.
      Medication can play a greatest role in improving concentrating ability.Even i have learned this from my school time.I am thankful to my junior school where i was taught how to concentrate with meditation ,we use to have early morning sessions and some experts use to come and teach us the importance of it.Now it is helping me till now and forever it will help me.So i thought to mention it in article as other can take good advantage of it.

      Multitasking is sometime ok but it always divert your focus and divides your concentration.If you want to concentrate well ,then the best thing to do is take one thing at one time and concentrate on it.
      Listning music long time is really a reason for many students who are always on with the earphones on their cell, ipod etc.

      Thank you
      Shorya Bist
      From Youthofest

  3. Hi Shorya, When I was at University, I used to fall asleep on my keyboard I studied that hard. I used to work a full time job and go to Uni at night. My concentration was fueled by motivation to leave my current job which I hated. There is nothing like the motivation of hatred to keep you going to reach better things.

    I also believe staying fit, healthy and eating the right foods can help to stay focused in those times of well needed study.

    Great tips Shorya, thanks for sharing.

    Dan Sumner

    • Hi Dan,

      Lol This happened to me as well as i was at that time in theatres so theatres, reading ,practice and studies.Because of this hectic schedule i used to be very tired .I can say that day some of things which i mentioned above has helped me ..Like – Meditation , Yoga have played great role at time.
      But over all points that have mentioned are really very effective for students as well as it can help anyone who find it difficult to concentrate on work also.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist
      From Youthofest

  4. Hi Shorya,

    Great Post!

    First, Thanks For this Awesome Tips For Students.. I am Also a College Student.. I will Surely follow your tips For Studying… Great Job!


  5. Hey Shorya,
    This is my first visit to your blog and OMG, I’m astounded with what i saw, you’re doing wonderfully well here man.

    Talking about your post, i also believe so well in the power of meditation and concentration. Believing is a wonderful format to do things you might not be able to do normally, and that brings me to one of my favorite quote……..Anything the mind can conceive, believe, it can achieve.

    I also agree with the issue of habit, and that’s why Napoleon Hill said that……….WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO THEREFORE, SUCCESS IS NEVER AN ACT, BUT A HABIT.

    Thanks for sharing Shorya and keep it up. I will visit again.

    BTW: Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Hi Theodore,

      Thanks friend i am glad that you like my blog.You said it right “Anything the mind can conceive, believe, it can achieve” i also believe its all about brain/mind.I think one who can conquer the brain can win any battle , so as i said earlier medication can play a great role here to control mind and concentration.
      Yes making an habit is actually a great step to success in any thing.Schedule and habit are very important for concentrating on i studies i can with my experiences.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  6. I’ve been practicing yoga since a I became a vegetarian which happened almost 2 years ago.
    I do yoga almost every single day. It calms the mind like nothing else (at least for me), best meditation there is. (of course that’s being my personal opinion. )
    Highly recommended!
    If one adopts this practice it WILL transform their lives for the better.
    The other nine insights are also great tips.


  7. I also have a bad habit of listening the music while studying.Tried to overcome it but failed 😉
    Once again a nice article friend!