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March 5th, 2013
How to become fair within one month

Yes you read it right , you can become fair within one month.Many people just go for many products and cosmetics to improve their skin tone and think that this is it. But the truth is you need to take care of many things more than a beauty product.

In this article you can find out many home based remedies for becoming fair or improving skin tone.

Introduction – How to become fair

We all know the importance of looks in our life. The way people people see you, talk to you and behave with you completely depends on the way you look. So, if want to get that attention that you want you should be an eye candy. Beauty is the combination of little thing perfectly working together. And, if you want to look good then you should work on those little things.

One of these things is the tone of your skin. Different skin tones decides the way you look. A dark or dusky skin is kind of hot and a fair tone is more of cute. So, you should decide what is best for you and work accordingly.

In this article, we will be discussing about the different ways to become fair. And, I don’t think this is a difficult task. You just need to follow the steps given below.

9 Different ways to become fair

how to become fair

How you can become fair by staying away from sun?

Have you ever heard of the word “Melanin”? It is a substance which decides the tone of our skin. People who have greater amount melanin in their skin are dark and people who have less amount of melanin have light skin tone.

Q) So, what factor decides the amount of melanin that should be present in the skin?  Answer) Melanin is our body’s protection program. It protects us from harmful effects of UV rays. So, the more your body is exposed to sun the greater amount of melanin your body will produce. Therefore, if you want to become fair you should avoid exposing your body to the sun as much as possible. But if have a job that require lots of travelling then you should wear a cap, sun glasses and full sleeve shirt.

Note – Many people believe that if they use sun screen lotions they won’t get dark but this is completely wrong. Sun screen lotions only protect your skin from UV rays. It do nothing about skin tanning.

  • In winters too when sun doesn’t shine so bright you are prone to get tanned. Because as I have said before it is the UV rays that make your body produce melanin and become dark not the light.

Exercises daily to become fair

Exercising daily is not only good for your body but is also good for your skin. When you exercise you start to breath heavily. Due to this, the oxygen level in your body increases. This is one of the best ways to become fair. When you exercise you start sweating. This sweating unblocks the skin pores, thus, removing dirt and making you look fairer.

Facial massage good for skin

In general, facial is done by applying a cream on your face for lubrication and massaging it thoroughly. The massage directs the flow of blood to your face. Due to which you get a glowing fair skin. Earlier women use to do all this stuff and it was considered feminine but now days men are getting in it too.

During the facial, they also scratch out the blackheads on your face. These blackheads are the enemies that goes un-noticed but can effect your appearance very much. So, when they are removed you look fairer.

Plus, after the facial your skin becomes clean and breathes well.

Become fair by eating right

What you eat also plays a great role in determining the texture of your skin. People who eat well always look better than people who don’t. Eating green vegetables, especially spinach, is very essential. Apart from this, you should eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin – C. You can’t even imagine how much it can help you to become fair.


      Vegetables and fruits Rich in Vitamin – C:-

    • Lemon
    • Green chilli
    • Kiwi fruits
    • Orange
    • Strawberries

Apart from that, Omega –3 also helps you to become fair. This is not the only use of Omega – 3. It helps to build a strong immune system and keeps your heart in good shape. Below is the list of few food items that have good quantity of Omega – 3.

  • Flax seeds
  • Salmon
  • Omega – 3 eggs
  • Nuts (Walnuts,Brazilian nuts)
  • Fish Oils


Remove dead skin to become fair

Exfoliations is the removal of dead skin cells. Usually the upper layer of skin gets dull and dark over the period of time. When these dead cells are removed they are replaced by new cells which are light in colour. Sometimes it can be really very effective if you want to become fair. But it will only be useful if the upper layer is old. So, exfoliation should be done from time to time.

Don’t drink hard liquor or smoke

Alcohol adds toxins to your body which harms every part of it. It turns your skin dull and cause skin problems like acne. And, smoking is worse then consuming alcohol. Cigarette smoke not only is toxic but it also decreases the breathing capacity of your lungs. And, as I have told you before oxygen is very important for glowing fair skin.

Drink to become fair

One of the most important use of the water is to drain out all the toxins from your body. Now days everything we eat is adulterated and add lots of toxins to your body. The air we breath is full of pollutants. Therefore, we need something to drain it all out.

Drinking lots of water removes blackheads, blemishes, dark circles etc. These all things determine the texture of your skin. When they are removed your skin becomes fair. Another ill effect of smoking is it makes make your lips dark, thus, giving an over all dark look.

Wash your face

Keeping washing your face as frequently as possible because it removes the excess oils from your skin. When this oil is removed your face appears fair. It also removes all the dirt that get deposited in your skin pores. It is better to wash just with neutral water as soaps are harsh and removes essential oils from your skin which is not good. And, if possible give yourself a face massage with turmeric paste, which makes your skin fair, before you wash it.

Apply moisturizer and become fair

Apply moisturizer before sleeping, especially, if you live in cold countries. The heat of sun rays burns your upper skin layer which darkens it. The moisturizer repairs the damaged skin cells and look fair. Same thing cold does to you. Cold burn is another reason for skin darkening and cold burn is more harmful than sun burn. Make sure to clean your skin properly before applying moisturizer because if it isn’t clean then that dirt and the excess oil will interfere in the working of the moisturizer.

Your opinion – How to become fair?

These were the few incredible techniques that I have mentioned above. You can tell us your opinion about the techniques to become fair and you can also share with us some of your own methods to get a fairer skin.



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4 thoughts on “How to become fair within one month

  1. Hey Shorya,

    Very cool :) Out of above mentioned tips, I’ve been following only 2 of ’em ~ Drinking lot of water and not drinking liquor or smoke.

    Well, I do prefer fresh foods and I’m a lemon addict. But yet not all you have mentioned though ’cause no big selection when it comes to eating instead of getting rid of meat :)

    Washing face was a habit of mine when I was age of 18. Skin of my face was very oily and I’ve been struggling with pimples that time too. However right face wash made the trick. Since then no soap for me :) I don’t wanna remind those days 😀 lol…


  2. Hey Shorya,

    These tips you describe really useful and most important for me. i much needed to me these type of tips for my skin care and looking attractive. I got my face so much wrinkle . can you tell me what i have to for it. i take lequier usually.

    Thanks for share with me!!

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