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December 18th, 2012
Creativity and innovation–Difference between creativity and innovation

Many of us get confused between Creativity and innovation, many times we misunderstand their meaning.So if you think you are clear on both the terms then I would say check yourself again because here I am going to share lots of things which might make you change your view on these terms.

The meaning of both is so close yet so diverse.Many people take them as same but they are not.There is a fine line separating the two.In this article, we will see how they differ ,what are meaning of both the terms and some other related information.So I would suggest you to read every single line of the article slowly and steadily,believe me it is very interesting.

What is creativity and innovation?

There are a lot of definitions and sayings but nothing is common everybody have different perception on both the words.So now let’s first understand each of the terms separately so that you can understand more clearly.

What is creativity?

Creativity and Innovation
Creative and creativity are the words which you are listening and reading from childhood but do you really know its real meaning.Lets check out some definitions of creativity.


There are end number of definitions of creativity from different sources.But all have some different story.Lets see what are some sources saying on creativity-

“Creativity is the ability to generate innovative ideas and manifest them from thought into reality. The process involves original thinking and then producing.”

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”

Robert E. Franken, Human Motivation
Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.”

Likewise there are many different definition you can find.But the interesting thing if you have noticed among the above three is that meaning and perception are very different from one another.

According to me,

creativity is an ability to imagine new ideas from pre-exiting things.Ideas that are something  out of the box,different from others and unique.

What is Innovation?

Creativity and Innovation
Like creativity you are familiar with the word innovations right?There are a lot saying on innovations too, So lets check out some definitions.

Wikipedia –
Innovation is the development of new customers value through solutions that meet new needs, inarticulate needs, or old customer and market needs in new ways.

The American heritage dictionary –
“The act of introducing something new”

According to me, innovation is implementation of creative ideas into action which produce something new.

But don’t you think they are same thing.There are many discussion on their meanings as they quite similar and people misinterpret there meaning.Now lets check the difference between them.

Difference between Creativity and innovation ?

Lets understand with an example for explaining both creativity and innovation-

In my apartment ,everybody complains that the lift take so much of time to move.I was continuously listening this formany days.

One day my neighbour uncle was complaining the incharge to check out for technical errors in the lift or else change the lift.

After he went I told our apartment incharge to put a mirror in the lift.
He asked what will happen, I said just do it and see.
For his surprise when he put that mirror there was no complains whole day.
He asked me why they are not complaining today.
I answered that generally people don’t see there watch if they have mirror infront of them.

So what do you think this idea is something creative?Its implication provided some useful thing.Thinking that this can be a solution was creativity and applying that creativity into reality was innovation.

Your Opinion On Creativity and Innovation

This was totally my perception on both the terms.You may not agree with me on this or may be some might do, as I said there are lots of definitions and sayings on these two terms,nothing is right or wrong .Everybody have there own perception .So now its your turn to give your views what you think on both the terms.Please give your views with some example that would be interesting.If you have some experience that explains the topic or have read somewhere than please share with us.

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11 thoughts on “Creativity and innovation–Difference between creativity and innovation

  1. Hi Shorya

    You have chosen a great topic, What was the report from the Incharge after your creative idea was executed as innovation.

    From my knowledge, creativity is something very original and innovation can be implementation of something new or can be original.

    This is really topic of great interest.


    • Hi Sapna ji,

      Hehehe my incharge was very happy and said that i never thought this,i think this is creativity he didn’t thought this could be possible like him any other in the society didnt thought this can be a solution.Where i thought this is a nice way to give it a chance so thats my creativity.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  2. Hi Shorya,

    You are very true about that mate :) I’ve heard myself that people calling CREATIVITY and INNOVATION are mostly same. It’s true that there are many definitions to go through just for two words. I think first we need to feel it before spell it.

    I don’t think someone needs to point always t understand that. It’s just carelessness of human beings, which is common. That’s where your topic gonna give ’em a value :) Really a great value.

    I know our perceptions influence us :) Blogging is to spread the opinions but not to confirm always. So I respect your definition on it. As I see, for Innovation, I think it would better if you mention that implementation is satisfying a need. I don’t say it’s wrong but without a value, Innovation is incomplete, no? :)


    • Hi Mayura,

      Thanks for sharing your words brother.I like your statement ” Blogging is to spread the opinions but not to confirm always”.Every body have their own opinion on the topic and blogging is the great platform to express.I think you are right i should add Value in the statement even i was thinking the same for value i put something new but my mind it was value.But thanx bro for reminding.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist

  3. Very interesting topic. I would not have known the difference between the 2 terminologies as they appear to be the same word perhaps synonyms. Thank you for enlightening us the meaning of the words and what others have said about creativity and innovation?

    • Hi shalu ji,

      yes there is a fine line difference between both the terms.You can find alot more discussion on google, you will find alot of sayings and definitions with all stating some different meanings.Here if have share few.

      Thank you
      Shorya bist

  4. Hi Shorya
    My first time to your website. Nice site.

    Wow that is a great topic you have here. I would not have thought innovation and creativity are the same. Now you have some great definitions here.

    I used to think creativity referred to artists, writers, musicians and the like but of course it can be much broader.

    I used to think of innovation as a new product or way of doing something. Now I also see it like you innovation is implementation of creative ideas into action which produce something new.

    Great post Shorya


    • Hi Sue,

      Hey sue for coming at youthofest, I am glad to receive that Compliment.Both terms are not exactly the same but have a fine line of difference as i mentioned in the post.

      Heheheh Same thing happened with me initialy i use to think same thing creativity is related to artist only but it is not i mean ya artist are creative people but they are not limited into field of creativity.Anyone is creative who can produce some ideas that are unique and are new.

      Thank you sue for sharing your words.Keep coming

      Shorya Bist

  5. Hi Shorya,

    Like Sue, it is my first visit here. You have created a pleasant place for sharing ideas. I have never thought about the difference between creativity. Your interpretation is somewhat the same as what I have in mind.

    Creative means something from NOTHING. Innovation refers to implementing something new (creative ideas) to produce a different result.

    Great post, Shorya!

    Viola The Buisness Mum

  6. Hi Viola,

    Welcome Viola to youthofest.I hope You had great experience here.
    I am glad to know people have same thinking as i do..This is what youthofest is all about to connect.

    Now this is what i expected some more different opinion as i got it from you. “Creative means something from NOTHING”.Nice thought !

    Thank You.Keep coming!
    Shorya Bist

  7. This is once of the best and informative post i have read, some people are posting articles without knowing the basic step of communication and writing skills.
    You have the ability and know the way of how to convince your reader to read the whole article, very creative post, just keep it going.
    Thank you :)

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