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January 19th, 2013
Advantages and disadvantages of internet

Description – In this article you will find a huge list of advantages and disadvantages of internet. The article will only revolve around internet and its usage by different audience.

On 7th April, 1969 something came into the life of Humans which changed it for better and for always; it was internet. If you ask me it was by far the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. But like every thing else it is not perfect. It too has its con’s. I think the pro’s completely dominate the con’s but we will still discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of internet anyway.

advantages and disadvantages of internet

In this article, we will talk about good and bad of all the possible service that internet provides us. To tell the truth, things are as good or as bad as you make them. So, if internet is used in a positive way then I don’t think there is any side-effect of it. But, for the sake of discussion we will look at every possible disadvantage that internet have no matter how miniscule.

10 Advantages of internet

Availability of Knowledge

The internet which was once just a little puddle, now, have become an ocean; an ocean of knowledge. It is like a magical crystal ball which has an answer for every question of yours and the best thing about it is; it is completely free. I know how much I have learnt from the internet. How internet is better than books when it comes to knowledge? The answer to this would be the infinity of the internet. Plus, apart from this, learning from internet is much more fun. You have all kinds of videos about basically every topic that you can imagine of.


Another amazing thing about the internet is the communication that it makes possible. Most of the business firms communicate with each other with the help of e-mails. It is not only a faster way but also the safer way too. With internet you can video chat with a person who might be in some other continent as of yours.

Smaller World

Due to internet our world is becoming smaller and smaller. Computers which are connected to internet are connected to each other. This facilitates the transfer of a file or even a folder from one computer to another.


With the help of the internet we can do almost everything at home. We can do everything from paying bills to buying airline tickets, from finding jobs to ordering stuff. It sure saves us lots of time in this busy and competitive world. Apart from this, it also saves us energy so that you can put that energy to more productive things.


It is believed that people who are not sexually satisfied cannot work at their best. As everyone doesn’t have a partner, so, I think porn can help in releasing that sexual tension. And with the help of internet these porn/videos are easily available and for free.

Virtual Information

With more people relying on internet for getting information the usage of books will also reduce. This will decrease deforestation and will prove Eco friendly.

Jobs & Business

Thousands of people are using internet to get their bread and butter. There are all types of jobs available on the internet from data entering to translation. Websites and blogs are solely internet based businesses and from what I know people are earning quite a healthy amount of money from it. You just need an idea and great determination to pull it off.


I think more than anything mentioned above entertainment is the thing for which the internet is used. You can find almost every song made anywhere in the world on the internet and same is for movies. All sorts of multiplayer games can be played with an opponent who might be on the other side of the world; thanks to internet.

Asking a question

If there is a question in your mind of which no answer can be found neither in the books nor on the internet itself then, there are lots of sites available in which you can put a question and there will be millions of people answering it. As you don’t need to reveal any identity to do so; you can ask the most embarrassing questions.

Data Storage

There are lots of sites on which you can store your vital data by paying a small rent of the hard disk that it takes. For very important things like wedding video or pictures which you don’t want to lose can be stored there because crashing of the hard drive is not a very rare sight now a days.

10 Disadvantages of internet

Availability of Knowledge

If availability of knowledge helps people to do good things, it is also, a help for evil. There are thousands of websites which tells you ways to make a bomb or how to commit suicide. People even learn how to hack websites from the internet.


We are getting so use to of virtual communication that we are lacking a physical contact with our acquaintances. It is separating us from the real world around us, which I think smothers the development of personality of an individual.

Smaller World

Due to this connection your personal data can be stolen from your computer. Various kinds of virus, malware, and spyware enter your computer via internet.


Like every technology, internet too reduces your effort but in return it takes a toll on your health. As you can get practically everything sitting at your home you don’t go around physically. So, your physical activity goes to nil. I believe any type of transaction that you do on internet is unsafe. Hackers can suck all of your life’s savings if you use internet banking services.


I’ll list some of the many disadvantages that it has. First of all, the children are getting more involved in porn, due to this; they are losing their innocence at a very little age. The violence that is shown in the video that are available in the internet is quite disturbing. I read about a serial killer named called, Ted Bundy. He gave an interesting theory about serial killers. He said people with these kinds of tendencies have some background with such type of cruel and violent porn.

Virtual Information

If people will choose internet over books this will increase the energy consumption.

Jobs & Business

To tell you the truth I don’t think there is a valid disadvantage to this but if I be a little strict a low wage might be one. I some cases, it depends upon the country in which you reside American and Europeans are paid highest.


Internet has encouraged the concept of piracy. Due to this, the individual or the production house or the music label that produces a particular piece of music/movie/video game ends up with a hole in their profits.

Asking a question

Most of the people answering these questions are not qualified professionals. This leads to lot of myths spreading around.

Data Storage

We have seen endless number of times in history that these kinds of sites have been compromised by hackers. This creates a fear in the mind of users about the secrecy of their content.


advantages and disadvantages of internet sitesLets see some more what we have got from internet -Advantages and disadvantages of internet sites


Social networking sites

Social networks have changed our lives. It is like a virtual world. I personally think if you have an account in a social networking website then you are never alone. There is always something happening. I think the best part of social networking websites is, they can sometimes work like a support group because I feel someone can tell what they feel and people listen to it. It is like an outlet for your emotions, which, if kept inside screws an individual mind.


As everything else this also have negative effects. According to me, the wastage of time is the biggest damage that social networking websites cause.

E-commerce sites –
Advantages –

Ecommerce internet sites are websites which are meant for buying and selling of products.You might be aware of OLX and e-bay , in this sites you can buy and sell anything and everything.

This is a great advantage for buyers and seller as it saves time , effort and get you to the right person.

Disadvantages –

You need to give commissions.You don’t meet directly to for buying and selling.

Video uploading sites-
Advantages –

Video uploading sites like YouTube , Daily Motion etc.. These sites provide a great platform to upload ,share and view the videos. Many people are making good advantages of it like – Sharing talent , sharing information , getting information , Sharing news , Getting news etc..

Disadvantages –

These sites also contain some kind of videos that are mind shaking and also which have bad effect on children’s . Many people are making disadvantages of it.

Answers sites
Advantages –

Answer sites like Yahoo , msn Wikki answers are very popular and provide great help for people who want to ask anything or for people who wants to help other by answering.

Disadvantages –

Yes , this sites have some disadvantages too . Like you can also find many things that one should not get. Like how to make a bomb , how to do suicide – are these questions are for something good? No , that you must agree. So this is a great disadvantage.

Matrimonial sites
Advantages –

Matrimonial sites are a great platform for people who are looking for partners for marriage .Under one roof they can get many options.

Disadvantages –

Some of the profiles in these sites are fake or some details are mentioned fake.

Dating sites
Advantages –

Dating sites are a great platform for people who are looking for a date or date to dates someone.This is great option as you get a lot of options under one roof.

Disadvantages –

But same goes here , these sites also do have many fake accounts or details , this can lead to a big risk.

Money Transaction Sites-
Advantages –

These sites are very good for people for transaction , i.e Sending or receiving money . It saves time and effort.

Disadvantages –

But it is also a fact that hackers are always up for these sites to hack accounts.

Emailing sites
Advantages –

We all are aware of what are the advantages of Emailing sites . To send and receive mails for professional or personal reasons.

Disadvantages –

Spammers and hackers are always up to hack or spam accounts.

Your Opinion – Advantages and disadvantages of internet

So, here we are at the end of the article. I have tried to put some advantages and disadvantages of internet in a non-conventional kind of way from what you’ll normally see. In case there is something that went past then you can share it with rest of us. Thank you.

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20 thoughts on “Advantages and disadvantages of internet

  1. Hi Shorya

    I think you did a great job of describing the pros and cons of the internet. If used right it is a wonderful piece of technology. It is a big time waster for sure and does keep you away from connections with physical people. Although it is good in companies, sometimes they put so much emphasis on email that nothing gets done, other than answering email all day long. Worked for a company that said we needed to respond to email within 15 minutes…didn’t matter what else we needed to do. So that was kind of nuts.
    People definitely need to be really careful about disclosing personal information about themselves as the world gets to read everything for years to come.
    Great post.

  2. Hi Shorya

    The way you have written the post is really is appealing.
    I think you have covered all the points. The data security and data privacy, these are two things for which I would say that there are no strict rules in India and there is a great chance it can be misused by many.

    Thanks for sharing this great info.


    • Hi Sapna ji,

      Yes. I agree that data security and data privacy are really a matter of concern. But I think in India internet have grown rapidly in last few years. I think in some years these matters will too be sorted out.

      Thanking you
      Shorya Bist

  3. Well compared article Shorya!

    Yes indeed, the Internet has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, and we really can’t deny the facts just as you have mentioned. There is a much wider horizon we can reach and much more we can learn just by sitting at home now, speaking of it’s numerous advantages.

    However, just as you mentioned the disadvantages alongside – I think the biggest one being the sedentary lifestyle and not being able to keep in touch with out near and dear ones is foremost. The bonding or relationships suffer somewhere if proper care isn’t taken to the amount of time we spend online – working or surfing. Everything in moderation IS the key I feel, and when we are able to do that we can lessen the disadvantages a little.

    Speaking of myself, I really sit to wonder sometimes of a life without the Internet. Yes, we might not be connected, nor would we have as many friend’s, blogs, information etc. – but wasn’t that life better than this one? (It gives me a new post idea for my blog!) – Living in the good old days as they say when there was less of technology. :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us and making us think. :)

    • Hi Harleena ji,

      I think you have shed light on some important points and I am in complete agreement with you. I think internet is getting us closer to the people who are far away from us and it is taking us far from people who are near us.

      Thanking you
      Shorya Bist

  4. Very good analysis of the internet. There are some distinct advantages such as communication and also information at our finger tips. But as you say a lot of time is being wasted some of which can be used for something else. But if used properly, internet has more advantages than disadvantages. Good article.

    • Hi Shalu ji,
      Yes, internet do have more advantages then disadvantages and as I have said in this article too, the time wastage is the biggest enemy. Thank you for commenting.

      Shorya Bist

  5. Hello dear you did a great job, like an E-Book you wrote the full detail of internet , as we know that everything have advantages and disadvantages,so its depend on the use of that thing how can we use to get benefied

    • Hi Mohammad Ismail,

      I am glad you it. That things I wrote in this article was quite basic and most of the people know it but still they make the same mistakes again and again. This article was like a reminder for people.

      Thanking you
      Shorya Bist

  6. Great job! Absolutely right. The most serious issues are Porn and social media. Children and teens are going wrong way by watching porn on internet. Today girls are not safe on road, men are behave like animal. It’s all about internet (indirectly).

  7. Hi Shorya,

    Great review of the use of internet here. As everything in life, there are atvantages and disadvantages. Good and evil, black and white, north and south. If both opposites do not exist, the thing itself cannot exist. It is up to us, to use it according to our level of spiritual development.

    For example, if I use internet for information, this is so easy to find. But then, we can talk about information overload. The latter can cause a high level of stress.

    We have a great tool at our disposal. Awesome achievemnt of the mind. We have to learn how to use this tool with good intentions.

    • Hi Margarita,
      That is a very interesting approach. It is very true that everything need to have two side. In science for an atom to be stable it should have equal no. of positive ion(proton) and negative ion(electron). Thanks for commenting and sharing your views.

      Shorya Bist

  8. Great review of the use of internet here. The way you written the post I really enjoyed while reading. And you almost covers the advantages and disadvantages of internet. Good work keep it up!! :)

  9. My favorite points here are communication – there’s an opportunity to connect with people more, but we’ve become to used to how easy it is and aren’t doing the work of real live pulsating connection…

    and the other point – it’s scary how much explicit stuff is available and can easily be exposed to the wrong person – whether it be a child or an emotionally unstable person.

    Pros and cons of the internet is always a good topic worth discussing.

  10. Hi Shorya,
    The way you described the advantages and disadvantages of internet is interesting. While reading I was comparing to me, how I use the internet.

  11. Hello Shorya, great post my friend. I think it was the best time ever to introduce the internet to the world. There’re so many good things about it as well as bad. I try not to focus on the bad stuff because it not something I really want to think about because maybe some day it will be more good then bad…

    Thank you so much for a great read and for taking the time to visit have a wonderful day and I will see you soon.

  12. Hey Shorya,
    First of all thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us. There is no doubt that you have a great skill to explain everything in words which what goes in your mind. As per @Sapna said there are many chances to misused by many people if the data security and data privacy not powerful as much as we want these are the chances that hacking goes viral.
    Another point you mentioned in this article that Asking questions. Yes, now it’s really easy to find solutions of our problem by asking questions anywhere or anytime with the help of internet and as per you said the disadvantage point I completely agree with. There are many industries who hiring people for promoting their products especially in Health industry and I think that’s the reason the information spreading in negative way on internet.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    From ConnectAmol

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