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April 26th, 2013
21 Qualities of a good leader

You must be wondering what it requires to be a good leader or may be what are the qualities of a good leader.

Nobody is born leader , the qualities a person develops makes him/her a leader.Its all about the qualities that makes a person stand out of the crowd.

So who is a leader or a good leader

A leader is a person who leads or commands a group or organization but a good leader is the one who leads to achieve the goals with the vision , commitment and focus.

These three traits are very less to define a good leader but yes a good leader is one who make it happen what he plan.A good leader is the one who stand out of the crowd with all the qualities integrated together that make him/her leader.So what makes the person stand out of crowd , what are the qualities that defines a good leader.


Qualities a good leader must have

Lets check out some of the qualities of a good leader or we can say what it requires to be a good leader.

list of qualities of a good leader

1.Confidence in every action

A good leader always have confidence on whatever he thinks ,he decide or he do.Not everybody have that kind of confidence that a good leader have.The person have confidence that he/s will achieve whatever he/s do , he/s have the confidence that whatever the decision he/s taking is right.So a good leader need to be very confident.


2.Good decision maker

A leader is the one in the group who is leading from the front to all the people in the group, So he/s is the one who have to take the final decisions.Not every member of the group have the power to take the decision. Other member have the right to share their views and opinions but final decision is taken by the leader only.So a good leader must have a good decision making ability.


3.Ability to justify responsibilities

Whatsoever the situation is a leader have to take the most of the responsibilities. A leader can never pull hands from taking responsibilities.So a leader should justify the all the responsibility he/s takes.



A leader is the one who leads many people in the group or organization.Through the journey there must be many ups and downfalls , one single person demotivated in the group can create a bad environment.So who is the one ,who have to take the responsibility of making the members motivated – The leader. At every situation a leader need to motivate the group members.He/s should be the one who have to take the responsibility of cheering up the members ,creating a positive environment and motivating everybody to focus at one aim.


5.Ability to lead from the front

Its obvious a good leader should have the ability to lead from the front to all the members , not everybody can lead the whole group it requires a lot of things to lead a group.


6.Ability to handle pressure

When you are aiming at some goal , then their must be a journey that you have to follow and when you follow a journey there must be many ups and downfalls .Downfalls create pressure and pressure deviate the focus from the aim. So who is the one who need to take the pressure on the shoulder – The leader .He/s should be the one who have to take all the pressure so that other member doesn’t deviate from the aim.


7.Good control over mind

A leader have responsibilities , pressure , work load , he/s have the decision making power etc.. a lot of things are there on a leaders head that run over. So with all this ,there are chances that a leader will loose the control over mind. But here is the difference a good leader will always stand up high with facing all the things with total control on his/her mind.



A leader should have flexibility in his/her action, decision or planning . Sometime plans and strategies need to be changed with the situation , so a leader should be flexible enough to the make the changes or be ready for the changes.


9.Good communication skills

Can you imagine a leader not able to explain his/her point of view or may be not able to understand what other members trying to say , I guess no. So a leader should be very good in communication skills.He/s should explain things with the easy way and also grasp things from other co members.


10.Good listener

A leader have to lead , but he cant all alone run the group to the destination, he/s needs other members also.So a good leader must be a good listener , he/s should be open to thoughts ,opinions and views of other members.He/s should understand what they are trying to convey and how he/s can apply it in the plans and strategies.



A leader must be enthusiastic about everything what comes in ,with also creating a environment that everybody inherit this quality in them. He/s must be enthusiastic of everything like , for making plan , for making task , for making strategies etc..



A leader must take the initiative to do everything.He/s must be the one stands first in everything that comes.

13.Ability to organize and manage

Organizing and managing a team is not any easy task , not anybody can do this .It only requires a good leader for this. A leader must have ability to organize and manage people . things , schedules , plans etc..


14.Positive attitude

As mentioned in above points, a leader is the one who need to motivate all the group members ,also he/s should be enthusiastic.But above that he must have a great positive attitude , because he/s posses the positive attitude then only he/s can motivate others.


15.A visionary

A vision is the believe in a person that he/s can predict certain things are going to happen in future.A leader must be a visionary.He/s should have vision of future or to see future with his/her planning , work , focus. He/s must predict well ,what is going to be next and what is going to be the final destination.Not every body have a vision to see the future.So a good leader need to be a visionary.


16.Ability to best use of available resources

A group have different member with different abilities and qualities , everyone is good at something or the other.So who is the one who will decide who will do what thing – Leader . A good leader must have an ability to judge people’s abilities and qualities , and use them wisely to lead to reach the aim.


17.Hard working

A leader must be very hard working – [Physically and mentally] because the other member of the group follow the leader and if the leader is slow , lazy not willing then it will reflect on other members of the group also.


18.Transparent and Honest

A leader must be transparent and honest to the other members of the group .He/s should be open to all the things he/s is planning or doing .This is very important as it helps building a trust.


19.Focused on goals and aims

Everybody follow the leader. A leader is the one in the team who gives direction to other members of the group or organization. So if he/s only deviates from the goals and aims then where other members will go.



A leader must be inspiring , he/s should inspire other member of the group with his/her work and abilities. So that other will also try to be up to the mark.


21.Good ability to make strategies and planning

A good leader is a good strategy maker, he/s should be good in planning all the things.



Your opinion – Topic – Qualities of a good leader

These were some of the qualities of a good leader that are mentioned above . There are many more qualities a good leader should have but here the most important qualities are mentioned. Now if you want to share your views and opinion , then feel free to go ahead and comment below to share your opinion.

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3 thoughts on “21 Qualities of a good leader

  1. Hi Shorya

    Great list of qualities for a good leader. Like you say in # 17, hardworking. Nothing is worse than having a boss stand around and watch other people work. It shows the workers that if you play the game right and then you can stand around also. If leaders want the people under them to work hard, then they have to give 110%, besides in the work environment they get paid more, so why shouldn’t they work harder. Setting a good example will bring fantastic results, the workers under the leader will always have their back and inform them of anything that goes wrong. This only works if people under the leader have faith and trust in them. A leader that cares about the people under them and anything told in confidence remains in confidence then the leader will have a happy crew. Happy crew will stick with you through thick and thin. A good leader should never correct anyone in front of others in a disciplinary way. Should always be done in private and rarely would need to be done if the leader was good. Leaders should always protect their workers and take full responsibility for errors. Major errors are usually caused by people that feel they can’t come to a boss without being yelled at. So the error happens and is out of control by the delay to take action. Anyways having worked for a good leader and a lousy leader, I have found this to be the case. Too bad everyone in charge doesn’t first have to take a course in how to be a great leader.


  2. yes, this is really an enhanced list of the must have qualities of a good leader. These qualities are also required for a good administrator and a good manager in the present scenario.

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