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May 15th, 2013
13 Best Birthday Gifts for girlfriend

Guys , are you looking for best birthday gifts for your girlfriend? But you are confused what to choose for her , right? You are confused what to gift her.

When it comes to selecting birthday gifts for girlfriend , guys really get confused and finally they end up with selecting something that is out of girlfriend interest.So what you should gift your girlfriend for her birthday to make it special, obviously you want to make this day special for her.

So did you find ,what are the likes and dislikes of your girlfriend , did you find what she wanted to buy in recent time , did you find what are her choices etc.. If not, then find out all these things.Here I am only to suggest you , the final decision would be yours only.You are the one who knows her very well and you only can find the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend.

Some of the things you can do before choosing any thing….

    • Think about her choices.
    • Find the things which are of her interest (what are the things she likes , what are the things she would want to buy)
    • Find the things she wanted to buy in recent days and yet she didn’t .

birthday gifts for girlfriend

Best universal and unique birthday gifts for your girlfriend


Gift a queen crown

This is very unique thing that you can gift your girlfriend. I my self have gifted to my girl on her birthday and she liked it very much ,also it made her felt very special and she was speechless .So I am pretty much sure that your girlfriend will definitely like it.

You can buy it from any gift shop and present it to her.You can tell her that “you are very special to me like a queen and my queen will look more beautiful with this crown” , something like that.


Gift a video collecting all old pictures.

You must have shared some great moments with your girlfriend and you must be having  those moments captured in pictures. So why not to collect those pictures and make a very touching video , containing all the pictures of you both with all those memories. As it is your girlfriend birthday , you can also add some more pictures of the person that are close to  her like – Her parents , friends  or any person special to her.

Make a video and write it on a C.d , don’t tell her what you have made for here just tell her some other thing that this C.D have. This will make her more surprise. She will definitely like this because she will see the effort and love you made to make her feel special.


Gift a printed coffee mug

Coffee mug is a universal gift you can present to anyone. So gift a nice printed coffee mug with a message or some pictures you want to add.You can customize any picture , message or something to the mug as there are many shops which do the same.

Idea of gifting a Coffee mug is very good because whenever she will have coffee in the mug , it will make her feel special, will always remember this day.


Gift accessories

Guys ,you must be aware how much girls are mad about accessories. So do I need to tell you to buy accessories,I think no , you are smart enough.So go and grab some of the accessories and gift her.Some accessories ideas are mentioned below.


Ring(Diamond /precious Stone) – Gift your girlfriend a diamond or some precious stone ring on her birthday.Many girls like rings to wear , so you can gift a little expensive ring also.

Locket – You can gift a nice locket to your girlfriend ,that she can wear for all the time . It will make her special and make her remember this day.

Branded purse –You can gift a branded purse to your girlfriend as girls really like purses.

Bracelet or hand watch – You can gift a nice bracelet or a branded watch to your girlfriend that she can wear any time.


Gift a self made wishing card.

You must be thinking gifting a self made card is a girly idea , yes it is. But look it in an other way , when you present a self made wishing card that means you made a wishing card by yourself then she will be surprised to see that and also she will be impressed by your efforts and love attached to that card.You can can make a wishing card with help of pictures and messages.


Gift a pet

Many girls like pet ,So you can gift a pet to her (a puppy or a kitten or any other you think she will like).Many guys gift pet to their girlfriend.A pet will always be with her and make her remember this day.


Gift a paired thing

You can gift a paired thing.That means a set of two things for example paired watches that means two watches of same kind one to gift her and one for you. Like wise you gift any other paired things such as bracelet or something.


Present a flower bokeh to her place

You can send a flower bokeh to her place as a surprise .Bokeh can have the selected flowers of her choices with a small wishing card and chocolates.


Gift clothes and perfumes

You can also gift some clothes which you think your girlfriend will like as well as you can also gift her a branded perfume.


Some more gifts in terms of moments for your girlfriend on her birthday

Plan a surprise for your girlfriend

You can plan a surprise party for her where you can invite her friends , relatives and close people .You can plan a surprise for a dinner to a place where she wanted to go.


Special treat to your girlfriend

You can plan out a dinner  or lunch with her to a nice place where you can spend quality time with her and also nice chance to make her feel special by planning a perfect plan.You can order her favorite dishes and plan out a birthday theme songs and cake cutting.


Give a massage to your girlfriend.

You might be thinking , what rubbish is this. But actually it is not , if you are spending this day at home then you can give a foot massage to her , she will be surprised and amazed to see that.


Be little more romantic

Make this day more special.Be romantic for this day , give her some romantic moments that she will always remember.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful post…!!! Flowers would be the perfect present for her not because it spread colors and fragrance in life but also it carry message too.

  2. Nice; really nice.your precious ideas wl b helpful to so many guys like me..any way thnks for sharng ur views..

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